Postal workers health, well being and retirement

We're interested in finding out about other scholars who might be working on health and well being of postal workforces. Our own work focusses on the British experience in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, using pensions records to identify causes of retirement and linking these to health data, including causes of death. We've published two papers on this recently in Social History of Medicine.

New Issue in JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies (Gender Equality, Traditional Roles, Motherhood, Diabetes)

The newly published issue in the peer-reviewed JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies will be of interest to you. As JENdA is focused on research on women in African societies and in the Diaspora, this issue continues the journal's commitment to publish evidence-based research that is engaging and forward-looking. With four incredible researchers, the issue offers a refreshing analysis and approach to their respective topics. All the articles are fascinating read.

Beyond Borders: Health and Medicine in Historical Context: Australian and New Zealand Society of the History of Medicine Biennial Conference 2019

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Call for Papers
January 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019


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