Hello to the Members of H-TAH!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new H-TAH!

We can do a lot of things on this new site that we could not do before. For instance, if you have completed some projects and need a place to house them, we can do that here.

If you have copyright-free material, or material that you own the copyright to, click the Read more or Reply link in this email. You can set up an account and then upload contributions.

I will have to moderate these before they are posted but that should not take more than a day or two.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has accomplished. :-)

Welcome to H-TAH on the H-Net Commons!

H-TAH has migrated to H-Net's new online home, the H-Net Commons, and has retired its listserv.  If you are reading this message in your email inbox, then your listserv subscription has been migrated to the Commons and an account created for you there.  To manage notifications of new discussion posts like this one, be sure to confirm your subscription and activate your account by logging in with the password supplied in the email we sent you when the list moved.  You can then manage notifications by clicking 'notifications' under the profile

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