Decommissioning H-Swahili

On February 21, 2017, H-Net Council voted to de-commission H-Swahili. The network has been largely unused and ran without editors an extended perios of time. Rather than continuing attempts to revive an unused network, we suggest H-Swahili’s 230 subscribers join H-Net's larger and more active networks in related fields. These might include H-Africa and others of our 180+ networks.

About this Network


H-Swahili is H-Net's Network on the Swahili language and culture.

I. The H-Swahili Network: Scope, Content, Purpose

The H-Swahili network will strive to conduct its business in Swahili and in English as the primary languages on topical issues related to the use, teaching, promotion and general advancement of the Swahili language and culture, which is spoken by over 100 million people throughout East, Central and parts of Southern Africa.

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