The Art of the Review - Episode 3 Reviews We Liked, part 2


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In this episode, Robert continues the discussion of reviews we liked with H-Net copyeditors Charlotte Weber and Basia Nowak. The reviews discussed are below.

More reviews we liked:

The Art of the Review - Episode 12 The Long Review


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We start out the new year with a long interview with H-Socialisms review editor Dr. Gary Roth and reviewer Dr. Robert Barsky about Bob's review of The Open Mind: Cold War Politics and the Sciences of Human Nature by Jaime Nace Cohen-Cole. When Bob was working on his review last spring, he found that the "open mind" program that Cohen-Cole describes in his book, a program that "promoted to address the threat posed by Communism and ...

H-Socalisms seeks additional editors

H-Socialisms is looking for new members for its editorial team. As a list editor you will join our team and share list moderation duties on a volunteer basis. The thematic core of the network is defined by a wide understanding of the term "socialism" as both a world of ideas and a family of social and political movements. Aside from publishing announcements and reviews, the network has organized three academic conferences in recent years adressing a wide range of questions related to the socialist history and theory.

CFP: Advertising & Society Quarterly: Pieces on advertising in society, especially digital advertising

CFP: Advertising & Society Quarterly: Pieces on advertising in society, especially digital advertising

In 2017, publication begins for Advertising & Society Quarterly (ASQ). It is the successor to Advertising & Society Review. The journal studies the place of advertising in society, culture, history, and the economy. ASQ seeks interdisciplinary pieces written in a clear, accessible style for academics, students, and the industry.

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