What is a Recipe? Update #4

Th-th-that's all folks! The Recipe Project's month-long What is a Recipe? virtual conversation has come to a close. Here are a final few gems from the many contributions scattered across social media platforms and the internet. Teaching with food and recipes has been a popular topic on H-Nutrition, and blog posts on the topic abound on the internet; here's one from the What is a Recipe?

“Organic” Tools for Social Standing: Oehm’s and Allestein’s Recipes for Brain, Lung, and Udders, 1850-60s

A What is a Recipe? contribution by Claudia Kreklau, MA MA (History, Emory University)

When studying cooking recipes from the nineteenth-century German States, historians are provided with a plethora of culinary mechanisms—habits, practices, customs—with which the then so-called “middling social standings” could seek social distinction. Part and parcel of this reflexive process was the emulation of their social betters—royalty, aristocracy, nobility, gentry—and a rejection of rural, artisan, working, and poorer parts of society.

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