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What Do We Want?: DONATIONS

When Do We Want Them: NOW!

In the best of all worlds, we wouldn’t need to go begging to keep efforts conducted in the public interest going, but instead could turn our energies to more productive activities—like writing and publishing book reviews! Give now, while we still have a world to save.

Please Join Me in Supporting this Valuable Resource

Dear H-Net Subscribers,

H-Net has been vital for my research for over 20 years. It’s remarkably useful for making contacts with scholars and seeing what’s happening my field. I look forward to getting the alerts every day. H-Net has also been of vital importance for the New Books Network, which I founded and run. Using it, we have had great success in recruiting academics to host NBN podcasts. I’m not sure the NBN could have grown the way it has without H-Net and all the scholars on it. I urge you to donate to this great resource.


Thank You for Your Generosity

Dear Friends of H-Net,

As we wind down this year's recurring supporter campaign, we are astounded by your generosity and how many of you have decided to make supporting H-Net a regular part of your monthly expenses. When we began holding the recurring supporter campaign in the spring of 2021, H-Net has just 27 monthly contributors. We are delighted to report that as this year's campaign comes to a close, H-Net now has 130 active recurring donation plans with nearly $1,450 in expected monthly contributions.

How Can You Help Keep H-Net Free and Open Source?

I found out about the first conference I ever went to on H-Net. I learned about my first scholarship and travel awards on H-Net. I got ideas and inspirations for various archives because of H-Net. I made conference friends because of postings made on H-Net. I wrote my first book review – and my book was first reviewed – on H-Net. I found my job advertised on H-Net. And all of that was back in the day when H-Net was just an email list.


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