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In an effort to expand our engagement with H-Rhetor’s growing community of nearly 1800 subscribers, the network is looking for Review Editors.


Currently H-Net Reviews is the largest online archive of professional scholarly reviews, with over 43,000 published reviews since 1993.

According to H-Net bylaws (

Call for Book Reviewers

We are happy to announce the launch of H-IslamInAfrica’s book review platform. Working in conjunction with H-Net Reviews, we aim to build a corpus of reviews of the latest literature, media, and events dealing with themes and questions pertinent to the study of Islam in Africa. All reviews will be posted to the H-Net Commons and the H-Reviews listserv, and are therefore available to a broad readership.

H-Net reviews posted to the web 15 Jan 2018 - 22 Jan 2018

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Reviewed for H-Environment by Amy Coale
   Karnicky, Jeff.  _Scarlet Experiment: Birds and Humans in
   America_.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2016.  246 pp.
   $45.00, ISBN 978-0-8032-9498-1.


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