Rebecca Kobrin, ed.
Barry Chiswick

Chiswick on Kobrin, 'Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism'

Rebecca Kobrin, ed. Chosen Capital: The Jewish Encounter with American Capitalism. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2012. 288 pp. $26.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-8135-5308-5.

Reviewed by Barry Chiswick (George Washington University) Published on H-Judaic (March, 2013) Commissioned by Jason Kalman

The American Economy and American Jews: A Symbiotic Relationship

Michael Meerson Peter Schafer, Yaacov Deutsch, eds.
Steven Bowman

Bowman on Peter Schafer, 'Toledot Yeshu ("The Life Story of Jesus") Revisited'

Michael Meerson Peter Schafer, Yaacov Deutsch, eds. Toledot Yeshu ("The Life Story of Jesus") Revisited. Tuebingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011. 316 pp. EUR 99.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-3-16-150948-3.

Reviewed by Steven Bowman (University of Cincinnati) Published on H-Judaic (November, 2012) Commissioned by Jason Kalman

Toledot Yeshu: New Perspectives

H-Judaic is seeking a new book review editor

H-Judaic is seeking a new book review editor.

The position involves soliciting reviewers, editing reviews, corresponding with authors or publishers seeking to have materials reviewed. Review editors must have strong field qualifications in Jewish Studies, and must be regularly available by email. Reviews will go through H-Net's online Reviews Management System. H-Net will provide training in the use of the review management system and basic H-Net Commons editing.

CFA: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Hate Speech Detection/Machine Learning, University of Cape Town

The Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT) is looking to appoint a post-doctoral researcher to study hate speech on social media in South Africa. The researcher will work as part of a collaborative and inter-disciplinary team.


5000 listserve members of H-Judaic!

It is a pleasure to report to readers that we acquired our 5000th listserv member today.  H-Judaic is the largest listserv of its kind in the world (and in the history of the world).

We are always happy to hear of ways that we can improve on what we do.  For now, I want to thank our team -- Shalom Berger, Martina Mampieri and Barbara Krawcowicz, all of them volunteers -- for making H-Judaic possible.


 Jonathan D. Sarna

 Chair, H-Judaic

ToC: In Geveb: There's a Jewish Way of Saying Things; Essays in Honor of David Roskies

In Geveb a journal of Yiddish Studies, is pleased to announce a special issue. "There's a Jewish Way of Saying Things" is a collection of essays in honor of David Roskies reflecting on the resonances between Jewish speech and Jewish texts, guest-edited by Avraham Rosen and Jillian Davidson. 

You can access the issue online at In Geveb:

Query: Critical Ancient Israelite/Jewish history... for High Schoolers?

Can anyone recommend any high school level textbooks or teaching resources (books, videos, websites) that introduce students to critical theories on Ancient Israel and Ancient Judaism?  This would be for a 9th grade Traditional Egalitarian Jewish Day School class. 


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