H-Histsex seeks new editors

Dear H-Histsex members,

H-Histsex is seeking new editors to join its editorial team. H-Histsex is a leading global hub for scholarship on sexuality, with a long history connecting scholars, sharing knowledge, and advertising conferences and events related to sexuality and gender research. 

The network has close to 4,000 members and an enormous archive of research inquiry going back many years. H-Histsex seeks both general editors and review editors to renew its management team.

Mining H-Histsex's Discussion History

Dear H-Histsex members,

H-Net Home Office has had a 'Mining the Logs' project, where they are archiving discussions from the old H-Net platform to make them more accessible on the current system. They have recently completed the compilation of discussion on H-Histsex. These are now available at: 


There are some fascinating lines of political and research inquiry available here, going back 15 years. 

The Art of the Review - Episode 20 H-Net History, Part 1


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In this episode, Robert speaks with H-Net's first Vice President for Research and Publications, a Habsburg list editor from 1994 to 2009, and World History Bibliographer at Rutgers University Libraries, Jim Niessen.

Celebrating 25 Years of Service

Dear friends,

This year we are celebrating twenty-five years of service by scholars, teachers, and students for scholars, teachers, and students to the humanities and social sciences. We own our servers and our members own their contributions. H-Net is a free, independent, nonprofit service creating valuable resources for researchers and educators, stored in a public, permanent archive while safeguarding the privacy of our subscribers. No algorithms, no data selling, no spam, no shouting. 

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