Research Question: California Economy 1980s

Hi all,

I am looking for some good secondary sources about the California economy in the 1980s.  I'd especially like to learn about how the Reagan budget cuts impacted hospitals and social services, but even some general overviews would help.  Feel free to contact me off list at




Kristine Gunnell, Ph.D.

Research Affiliate, UCLA Center for the Study of Women

Re: QUERY: The Future of H-California?

Hi all:

I wanted to follow up on this as it's been on my mind a bit this past week. I'd really hate to see this go and here are a few reasons why:

1. We are the most populous state so having a dedicated network seems (to me) like a necessity.

2. Although it's a good idea on the surface to merge w/H-west, our history is so different and nuanced from The West ---- and even the states that border us ---- that we really do deserve our own network.

Re: QUERY: The Future of H-California?

I would be sorry to see H-California go. As somebody still researching and teaching California history but working in another state, it's been a great resource for me for years to stay connected to new California scholarship, research opportunities, public history, and other things too. It's also been a useful resource for organizing California-specific sessions at the AHA-PCB and other conferences.

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