Announcing An Online Resource for Grassroots Indigenous and Environmental Organizing

The Red Thunder Oral History Project, an educational website, is now online. Collaborators from the Fort Belknap Indian Community, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and the University of Montana have been working for two years to recount the story of a little-known Indigenous-led, multi-racial environmental campaign that changed the course of mining in the sacred Little Rocky Mountains during the final decades of the 20th century.

The Chinese Commons

Dear colleagues,

The new issue of Made in China may be of interest to those on this list who work on the commons or the environment in the broadest acceptation of both terms.

The issue is available for download at:

Previous issues are vailable at:

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CFP. Ordinary People: Grassroots Organizing and Protest Movements in 20th c America

The Historians of Twentieth Century US has issued a call for papers for its winter symposium at the University of Dundee, Scotland: "Ordinary People: Grassroots Organizing and Protest Movements in Twentieth Century US. For futher details, please see

OAH Meeting: Grassroots Left in Modern US

We are hosting a gathering of scholars who are investigating the grassroots left in late twentieth century US history. Several of us who are working in this area seek not only to complicate the “right-turn” narrative of late twentieth century U.S. history but also to reassess traditional understandings of the fate of the U.S. Left after the social movements of the 1960s. In these efforts, we likely run into similar questions about recovering those movements, (re)constructing narratives of U.S. politics, and framing our studies.

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