“This is a book for finding your way” (4).

By Kara Hisatake, Sarah Papazoglakis, Katie Trostel, and Tsering Wangmo


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In the spring of 2015, several graduate students in the Literature Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz got together to address the topic of academic writing. Each of us wanted a space in which to improve our writing at the level of style and structure, but many of us felt that our institution and department lacked the resources with which to address the technical side of academic writing. While we had composed many end-of-the-quarter papers before advancing to

Maintaining a Healthy Brain

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In the very demanding world of academia it is important to find time to decompress. Having a hobby, a group of friends outside of work or your department, or designating a daily quiet-time is extremely important. Psychologists recommend spending several minutes’ everyday thinking about something other than your work. It is important for your mental health, and in a profession that requires extensive use of our brains, it is important to maintain a balanced life.

Yes, having a balanced life can be difficult in graduate school, but it is important. A balanced life does not only mean healthy