Unruly PhD


Plagrave Macmillan has a "black Friday" book sale through Dec. 1.  The site includes a book edited by R. Peabody entitled "The Unruly PhD.  It is a collection of essays by people who followed an unusual path through graduate studies or afterwards.  Authors include an adjunct professor, a post-doctoral fellow, a museum curator, a patent attorney and a registered nurse.

[disclaimer:  Although I have published with Palgrave, I have no connection at all to this book or the authors--Margaret DeLacy, H-Scholar editor]


finding jobs beyond academe


Below is an excerpt from an article entitled "How universities can really help PhD grads get jobs," by Derrick Rancourt and Beth Archer Kuhn, that appeared on the Conversation blog on July 8, 2019 4.36pm with a link to the full article.  The authors surveyed biomedical companies in Alberta, Canada, to learn what non-technical skills these companies were seeking but felt were often lacking when graduate students applied for jobs.  

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