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Happy Friday 13th! We'd like to welcome you to check out the latest post on the SHGAPE Blog by SHGAPE council member Einav Rabinovitch-Fox. Her post explores last week's "Gilded Glamour" Met Gala and argues it fell short of historian's expectations. You can find the post here:

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Final Installment: Perry Series, Writing A Woman's Life

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We have a new post on the SHGAPE Blog by Dr. Gloria-Yvonne Williams entitled "Writing a Woman's Life, A Personal Journey." The post explores the similarities between Perry's research on her paternal grandmother, Belle Moskowitz, and Williams' own experience researching her maternal grandmother, Mayme Williams Carney. You can read his post here:

Minding the GAPE: November 2021

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We'd like to invite you to head over to the SHGAPE Blog for our latest "Minding the GAPE" series.

This month's roundup includes:

  • Dogs in the trenches of WWI
  • The long history of teacher shortages
  • A history of public restrooms in the US
  • The fate of abandoned psychiatric hospitals

All these stories and more can be found at

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