Jahrbuch der Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung 2018 | Thema 1968 – Yearbook of the German Children’s Literature Research Society 2018

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December 10, 2018

Re: Armistice Day Centennial Handgrenade November 2018

Larry Grant writes in jest, of course, of the "Austrian paper hanger" but where this urban legend begin? As we know, young Adolph in his Vienna years (not so horrific as he has led us to believe) spent his free time making cheap paintings for the backs of chairs, etc. and doing a lot of reading. I've done enough paper-hanging myself to know what damnable chore it is, and well beyond his scatter-brained abilities in those pre-pre glued paper-hanging days.


Stanley Sandler

Re: Armistice Day Centennial Handgrenade November 2018

This discussion is very interesting. I am especially intrigued by John T Kuehn's post about Stalin's geopolitical focus on China, since I'm currently doing research related this matter. One thing that strikes me is that although the Soviet Union is both a European as an Asian power, much of its center of gravity is in Europe. The Soviet Union's ability to project itself into Asia is limited due to a lower population and also over-reliant on the Trans-Siberian railroad.

Re: Armistice Day Centennial Handgrenade November 2018

Enjoying the “what if’s” as an exercise in intellectual gymnastics. A few related thoughts....
I remember a similar paper/book based on the idea of the South winning our Civil War. One of the suggestions was that the North would not have had the money nor interest to buy Alaska from Russia. Couple that with these thoughts just posted - makes for another interesting twist to things.


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