Request: Readings on Judaism and sexuality - specific topics

For an undergraduate course with a focus on Judaism and sexuality (broadly defined), I am looking for articles (preferably from peer-reviewed journals), or book chapters, on the following current issues, from Jewish perspectives or with a Jewish focus:

- gender fluidity / gender diversity / the "pronouns" issue

- sexual harassment

- online sex e.g. sexting, catfishing

- pornography (I do have Jonathan Crane's 2010 article "Judaic Perspectives on Pornography")

- robot sex

- BDSM as spiritual practice

Thank you for any suggestions.


Call For Papers - Queering Girlhood: Special Issue of Girlhood Studies

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In the more than ten years since Marnina Gonick directly challenged the field by asking, “Are queer girls, girls?” (2006: 122), girls’ studies has grown into a formidable, expansive, and increasingly recognized area of academic discourse.

Journal of Women’s History, Volume 29, No. 4 (Winter 2017) Now Available!

The editors of the Journal of Women's History are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 29, Number 4 (Winter 2017) of the Journal of Women's History, entitled “Regulating Sex, Sexuality, and Reproduction.”

You can find the issue on Project Muse here:


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