Re: Films about sexuality across American history

Dear Vivian,

Here’s a few films that I can think of off the top of my head in chronological order by release date.

A Florida Enchantment (1914) – A young woman takes a magic seed that transforms her into the opposite gender. It’s a good film to explore gender roles at the turn of the twentieth century.

Re: Films about sexuality across American history

Hi Vivian - Some other challenging films... Larry Clark's Kids, Cruising, Dog Day Afternoon (two Pacinos)! Also, there are other genres of film, which are neither documentary or Hollywood: health films and sex ed films. For example, Easy to Get (1947), a film about venereal disease made by the U.S. military for African American soldiers. Uses the techniques of Hollywood films (scripted story lines, and features the actor Wendell Corey and Paul Robeson).


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