CfPanelists: session on gay rights and refugee status at SSHA

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For the upcomming SSHA (Motreal November 2-5 2017; submission deadline March 3 2017) I am organizing a session on the history of gay rights and refugee status. In my paper I look at when and why ideas regarding the refugee rights of gay men changed (the debate was hardly about lesbian women or transgenders until very recently). Who were the claim makers and what arugments did they use? 

CFP: Contextualizing Ireland’s Same-Sex Marriage Referendum in Irish Literature: Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Women’s and Gender Studies Caucus-sponsored Panel

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Call for Papers
March 17, 2016 to March 20, 2016

Film: LGBT rights and African American Communities

THE NEW BLACK – LGBT Rights and African American Communities

(Producers: Yoruba Richen, Yvonne Welbon. Co-Producer: Angela Tucker. Director: Yoruba Richen.  Festival version: 74 minutes, Broadcast version: 53 minutes. 2013. All on one DVD. Subtitled for the deaf or hard-of-hearing)

This multi-award-winning documentary argues compellingly that struggles for LGBT civil rights are a continuation of the African American Freedom Struggle because they free a significant component of the Black community from legal discrimination.

New Article up on OSU's "Origins": " Russia, Gay Rights, and the Sochi Olympics"

The issue: The Sochi Olympics were designed to be a crowning moment in the Russia of Vladimir Putin, a chance to move on from the years of breakdown and uncertainty that followed the end of the Soviet Union and to celebrate a strong, new Russia. And they have been. But the games have also been marred by cost overruns, corruption, terrorist threats, and most especially international backlash against Russian treatment of homosexuality.

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