Re: ANNOUNCEMENT> Luis Gomez Memorial Fund

Dear Gene (and other interested contributors), Sorry about that broken link for making contributions to the Luis Gomez Memorial Fund.

The following link should work properly:!/give/basket/fund/700277/tributee/Luis%20Gomez/type/memory

Please let me know if there are any additional problems.

Re: ANNOUNCEMENT> Luis Gomez Memorial Fund

The links for the memorial fund appear to be working fine from multiple sources. Here are two URLs that appear to work:!/give/basket/fund/700277/tributee/Luis%20Gomez/typ...



Marcus Perman

Tsadra Foundation

Boulder, Colorado

Re: ANNOUNCEMENT> Luis Gomez Memorial Fund

I would be happy to make a small contribution in honor of Luis Gomez. But two different browsers tell me:

HTTP Error 403.18 - Forbidden
The specified request cannot be processed in the application pool that is configured for this resource on the Web server.

Is there another, perhaps better, to connect to this website?

Gene Reeves


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