Re: Research Query: Kol Bo Herem. Text of the oath pronounced

I have the impression that this information can clarify it further:

The Kolbo Herem went in the modern time a kind of transmutation - and is called today Pulsa deNura; Ceremony that according to the study of Zion Zohar in modern Judeism is nothing more than a renewed ritual – based on the old Kolbo Herem - invented by the Eda Haredit.
See: Zion Zohar, Pulsa De-Nura: The Innovation of Modern Magic and Ritual, Modern Judaism, 27:1 (2007) pp. 72-99.

Admiel Kosman
Potsdam University

Re: Research Query: Insanity and gender in modern Jewish fiction

On interactions of insanity and gender in modern Jewish fiction, see:

I.L. Peretz, "Be-agaf ha-meshuga'im" (Yid. Fun dul-hoyz), esp. the first section, "Doctor or Patient"?

The following work may also be helpful: Dafna Katsnelson-Bank, Ha-shiga'on ba-sifrut ha-'ivrit be-reshit ha-me'ah he-esrim (2005)

Another lead to follow would be the theme of the dybbuk in modern Hebrew and Yiddish fiction.

Natan M. Meir
Portland State University


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