Re: Wars are not won by military genius or decisive battles

Of course, I do not and did not argue there are "no decisive battles." That would be silly, given the long and winding course of world military history in which there have been quite a few. But fewer in the modern era of competing empires and grand coalitions than in simpler times or in regional "systems" such as city-states warring with each other, where the forces and simplified politics engaged meant that one could indeed decide the outcome of a war on a single raw, red day.

HathiTrust Expands Offerings to Researchers: A Conversation with Mike Furlough (and Others)

Mike Furlough explains: "There are different ways that researchers can undertake data mining using the HathiTrust collection. All of these are available at the HathiTrust Research Center’s main site...."

Re: Military Professionalism and the Warrior Ethos:  Both Are Needed to Win

Good morning,

As editors for H-War, we continuously encourage active discussion between our subscribers concerning any topic relevant to our forum and pride ourselves on the extensive resources we provide concerning the study of military history. However, our role is to also ensure and maintain a high level of professionalism and courtesy within the content posted. Due to the rising tensions associated with this discussion stream, we have decided to conclude the discussion associated with "Military Professionalism and the Warrior Ethos: Both are Needed to Win."

Re: Military Professionalism and the Warrior Ethos:  Both Are Needed to Win

Sacred feces, Matthew, I mean holy s**t, that was some broadside! Unfortunately for you, your broadside missed.

It is now 0230 hours as I begin to type this and I am this week undergoing a severe of attack of day-to-day real life (seemingly endless medical appointments for intractable health problems, spending hours on the phone supporting a friend who is going through a personal tragedy, worrying about how I am going keep my horse fed and fit as the weather deteriorates here in Montana, etc.).

Re: Military Professionalism and the Warrior Ethos:  Both Are Needed to Win

I now have the time now to rely to Stephen’s latest post on warrior ethos and military professional ethos. What follows is highly critical appraisal of the post, and an occasionally somewhat facetious tone.

This post is basically a repetition of what Stephen has posted before. Only the characters have changed and the description more colorful. Now the mighty blood thirsty Achilles replaces Audie Murphy in a move from the real to mythic.

Brexit: Six Months to Go

This is the final scheduled post in H-nationalism's series 'Brexit, The Future of Europe and Nationalism'. We would like to thank the contributors for the incisiveness and high quality of their posts. The different approaches taken provided insights into a complex and controversial topic. This is not the end of Brexit or its consequences. Over the coming months we will publish updates and promote further discussion.

Re: Military Professionalism and the Warrior Ethos:  Both Are Needed to Win

Hello Everybody, I am committing necromancy with this long-dead thread because I am nagged at by the sense that I failed to make my initial point with sufficient clarity—and—because I just this minute brainstormed another, better exercise of language to make my point.

Okay. Here it goes.


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