Re: Challenging our ways of thinking about parades

Different Approaches to parades.
1 Hobsbawm and Ranger The Invention of Tradition
2 Carnivalesque inversions when the normal order is inverted or when the event has a wild side eg contrast polite Japanese street parades (bland, ordered, colourful) with some crazy night temple etc festivals.
Hope this adds to the discussion.

Re: Wars are not won by military genius or decisive battles

Of course, I do not and did not argue there are "no decisive battles." That would be silly, given the long and winding course of world military history in which there have been quite a few. But fewer in the modern era of competing empires and grand coalitions than in simpler times or in regional "systems" such as city-states warring with each other, where the forces and simplified politics engaged meant that one could indeed decide the outcome of a war on a single raw, red day.

HathiTrust Expands Offerings to Researchers: A Conversation with Mike Furlough (and Others)

Mike Furlough explains: "There are different ways that researchers can undertake data mining using the HathiTrust collection. All of these are available at the HathiTrust Research Center’s main site...."


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