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University of Cambridge
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August 4, 2018

Detail of CCL from Truschet and Hoyau

Caption: No building from the Collège du Cardinal Lemoine in Paris survives today, but this map from the sixteenth century shows its location on the left bank, next to a Bernardine monastery. Detail from Map of Paris by O. Truschet et G. Hoyau, ca. 1550.

Image source: Truschet, Olivier and Hoyau, Gérmain, Map of Paris, ca. 1550. or this:


In December 1513


Our first blog post of 2017 is by fellow Hurst Summer Institute alumnus and true blue world legal historian Laurie Wood, Assistant Professor of History at Florida State University. ( 

Laurie writes on a part of the Indian Ocean that is often overlooked - the Francophone realm which mainly consists of the French Mascarenes (Mauritius and Réunion). By tracing fraught long-standing relations within diasporic families and later succession trustees, her recent article in Journal of Social History lies at the interrsection of business