International Football History Conference 2018 to be held at Manchester City FC, Manchester 7-8 June 2018

7-8 June 2018


Key Note Speakers: Chris Bolsmann, Stefan Szymanski & Matthew Taylor


To be held at the City Football Academy, Manchester City FC, Manchester M11 3FF

The second annual International Football History Conference will take place at the City Football Academy, Manchester City Football Club, Manchester M11 3FF, England and will be held over two days (7 and 8 June 2018). There is a fantastic collection of papers being presented with contributions from leading academics from across the globe including many leaders in their field.

Re: TOC: Tsingy No.18 (2015) Mozambique

Dear all,
The journal Tsingy, published in La Réunion, is not available online. For paper copies, please write to the editor: Dr Frédéric GARAN
Note that La Réunion, while in the Indian Ocean, is administratively part of France (DOM-TOM). Hence postage costs are European.

For a list of earlier issues, their cover and TOC, see either or

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- Eric Morier-Genoud

The Archivist’s Nook: A Knute Rockne Protégé at Catholic U.

Catholic U. Football head coach Arthur J. “Dutch” Bergman from the 1930s led his team to an Orange Bowl triumph in 1936. He was a player on the Notre Dame team led by Knute Rockne in 1919, and a room mate of  George Gipp (the real guy, not Ronald Reagan), of “win one for the Gipper” fame (which leads one to wonder if during their time together Gipp ever asked Bergman to wash the dishes just once for the Gipper). For more, please see

TOC: Tsingy No.18 (2015) Mozambique

TSINGY n°18, 2015
Tsingy - revue de l'OIES (Océan Indien, Espaces et Sociétés), Université de La Réunion

I.    Dossier : Le Mozambique

  Introduction: Le Mozambique et l'Océan Indien

  Edward ALPERS
  Maritime Mozambique

  Francisco NOA
  Mozambique : L'océan Indien et la dispersion identitaire

  La circulation des connaissances médicales entre le Mozambique et l’océan Indien, de la fin du XVIIIème siècle au début du XIXème siècle


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