Re: QUERY> Siddham Font and Text Input


There are ways around it, but from my experience as a fellow Mac user, they are not particularly fun. Mostly because—at least to my understanding—there is currently no way to simply "type Siddham."

To be perfectly clear, if one wanted to type in Japanese or Chinese (or even Sanskrit), one could just install the proper IME, begin typing, and eventually convert one's text to the proper language. This ability to type text (even in Sanskrit) and then convert to Siddham is the technology that does not yet seem to exist.

QUERY> Siddham Font and Text Input

Dear colleagues,

There is a short technical question: can anybody advise me how to type Siddham letters into translation text? Do we have any usable Siddham font (for Mac preferrably)?

Until now I had to scan the letters and insert them as pictures, what is quite uncomfortable and not good for the preprint.

Thank you in advance,


Andrey Fesyun

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