Re: Catherine Flon


I haven't seen anything myself - it will be very interesting if you do! Have you been in touch with Elmide Méléance? She wrote a recent piece on Flon in Cecile Accilien et al's Revolutionary Freedoms, and perhaps she knows more.

Best wishes!
Alyssa Sepinwall

Catherine Flon

Dear friends,

I wonder if you have discovered anything interesting in the archives (authoritative or otherwise) on Catherine Flon? I'm interested in the intersections of women, materiality and revolution and I haven't come across much interesting literature so far...

Funeral of Miss Anne Stamp

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday in class I showed the British political cartoon, "The repeal, or funeral of Miss Anne Stamp." A student asked what the flags were that the two men at the front of the funeral procession are carrying. I could not easily find a definitive answer so am turning to you. This version of the image at this url  suggests that they are images of stamps. Does anyone know whether that is correct?

Thank you!

Eva Sheppard Wolf


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