CfPanelists (conference): Migration, Citizenship, and Democracy (for OAH 2021 Chicago)

I am looking to organize a panel for the Organization of American Historians conference in Chicago April 15-18, 2021. In keeping with the conference theme of "Pathways to Democracy," this panel will seek to explore the historical relationship between migrants, citizenship, and democracy in American history. My own paper for this panel will discuss migrants' conceptions and deployment of revolutionary and democratic citizenship during the period of eighteenth-century Atlantic revolutions.

Podcast Review Panel-OAH 2021

Greetings all,

I am trying to organize a panel (a round table actually) on academic reviews of podcasts. It will be for the OAH in Chicago 2021. The deadline is Feb. 3 for the proposal. It will be an H-Net sponsored panel.

Can people recommend anyone to serve on the panel? There are a couple (3 actually) reviews programs of podcasts I know about. I approached the people involved and heard positiviely from one and am waiting to hear from the others.

Do you know anyone reviewing podcasts that you can recommend? I'd prefer to approach people doing this outside of H-Net.

Looking for a Panel to Join at SMH Conference

I am an independent scholar looking for a panel to join at the upcoming SHM annual Conference in May 2020. My paper is "There Is So Much More to War Than Fighting Battles: Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan, COSSAC and Civil Affairs 1943".

I have presented at the SMH Conference in 2017 and also at Normandy 75 at the University of Portsmouth, UK. Naval Institute Press will be publishing my first book, " COSSAC: Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Morgan and the Genesis of the OVERLORD Plan" in May, 2020.

My email is

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