Re: Film Review--Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old"

I saw the movie with a male friend (some of the imagery is pretty rough, and probably not suitable for more sensitive types, including my dear wife).
I was taken with three things, to wit:
First, the pretty astounding technical accomplishment of taking 100 year old movies and making them look completely modern, even in quite authentic-looking color. I saw the 3-D version; the effect was subtly done, but is a no less astonishing technical achievement. Watching and hearing some of the subjects speak (these were silent films!) was yet another subtle but stunning feat.

Film Review--Peter Jackson's "They Shall Not Grow Old"

All:   My wife, oldest son (army vet) and I went and viewed Peter Jackson's documentary film in a special showing in Kansas City last night at a local theater (it was a special showing and tickets had to be ordered onhline in advance).

I will not say too much about how the film came to be made and Jackson's choices,  he does a more than wonderful job of explaining things both at the beginning of the film as well as in a must see "documentary of the documentary" after the credits for the main event are finished rolling.

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