How to Find Documentaries in Mexican Film Archives: A Quick Guide by Gaurav Pai

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Today we pause our digital mini-series to return to a post about (mostly) physical repositories. I am pleased to present Gaurav Pai, a PhD Candidate and pre-doctoral instructor in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. Pai studies and teaches about media technologies, documentaries, and non-theatrical film. He is writing a dissertation about the origins of small gauge film in Mexico. He spent the Fall 2019 semester in the Mexican film archives for his primary dissertation research.

How to Find Documentaries in Mexican Film

Digital Archiving on Chilean Music and Musicians, Part 1 by Eileen Karmy

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I am pleased to begin our digital mini-series with the first of two posts about online resources for Chilean music. Eileen Karmy is a music scholar interested in music politics, labor history, and archival research. She completed her PhD in Music at the University of Glasgow in 2019 with a thesis on the development of musicians’ unions in Chile. She has researched on popular music in Chile, especially cumbia, tango, and Nueva Canción. She regularly disseminates her research through articles, blog posts, films, and digital repositories. She created the digital archive of

I am proud to present Research Corner’s first guest blogger, Vania Markarian. Dr. Markarian received her Ph.D. in Latin American History from Columbia University in 2003. Her most recent books are Left in Transformation: Uruguayan Exiles and the Latin American Human Rights Networks, 1967-1984 (New York: Routledge, 2005), which was also published in Spanish as Idos y recién llegados: La izquierda uruguaya en el exilio y las redes transnacionales de derechos humanos, 1967-1984 (Ediciones La Vasija/Correo del Maestro, 2006), and El 68 uruguayo: El movimiento estudiantil entre