CfP: Globalising Genders, Engendering the Global

Dear colleagues

From the editorial committee of Entremons: UPF Journal of World History, we invite you to send an original text, which we can publish in the next edition of our journal.

We are looking for academic articles, as well as reviews of recently published books, which address the ways in which gender intersects with world history.

Suggested themes:

 The origin of gendered inequalities

 Gender and the capitalist economies.

 Masculinities and feminities

 Gender and colonialism

The Female Artist as an Icon of National Modernization: International Online Conference (October 13-16, 2021)

Join our international online conference on October 13-16 to discover the phenomenon of the female artist as an icon of national modernization.

The conference will focus on the following areas:

-The representation of female creativity in the works of Lesia Ukrainka and in Ukrainian, Hispanic, and world literatures.

-Lesia Ukrainka and women’s writing as a theoretical literary issue in feminist battles for the canon.

-Lesia Ukrainka and other female artists in popular iconography (visual imagery, monumentalization, advertising, etc.).

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