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The H-Net Book Channel series Feeding the Elephant  published its first podcast in September.  It was a discussion of peer reviewing and several list editors have recommended it.  The formatting was a little hard to navigate but the link below should lead to a link to the podcast itself. 

Feeding the Elephant Podcast | Episode 1 - Advice for First-Time Peer Reviewers

Project Proposals and Scholarly Communication

Hi all,

If you've not heard about the H-Net Book Channel, I would recommend that you check it out. Among other things, this list publishes original content on new and innovative scholarship. Part of that content can be found at Feeding the Elephant, which is a forum for all aspects of scholarly communication.

You know how to eat an elephant, but do you know how to feed one?

Did you know that H-Net contains a multitude of resources beyond individual networks, job postings, and calls for papers? For instance, I recently fell down a rabbit hole exploring the posts on Feeding the Elephant, such as this one on the impacts of COVID-19 on scholarly publishing and access to library resources.

Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

Dear subscribers:

Please accept my apologies for misleading you. For some reason, this column doesn't seem to have a direct link. Try this link (below) which SHOULD go to the section on "Working with your Editor." in the Feeding the Elephant section of the Book Channel. The post on plagiarism should be visible. If that doesn't work, try going to the H-Net commons, then select "H-Net Services" and then select "The Book Channel" If neither of those works, let me know and I will take it up with H-Net.

Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

This is a topic of great interest to me; and thank you for this post. However, when I click on the link you provided, I am being directed to this: , which seems to be about African American history. Is anyone else having this experience?

Josey/Josephine Cooper


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