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Call for Papers: The Annual University of Texas at El Paso Borderlands History Conference Shifting Borders: Gender, Family, and Community February 10-11, 2017, El Paso, Texas Submission deadline: September 16, 2016 Presented by the UTEP Department of History Keynote Speaker: Sonia Hernández (Texas A&M), author of Working Women into the Borderlands and Project Leader for the “Refusing to Forget” preservation and public history project The Department of History at the University of Texas at El Paso

Oral history talk and addressing release forms

Elizabeth and Suzanne,

I would agree with Suzanne, that an agreement or a release form is important, as it would make clear to future generations if the interviewee wanted the material restricted in any way, or did not want any restrictions.

I hope that interviews are offered to repositories even if the interviewee is not well-known publicly. A good reflective interview on life as we lesser mortals live, and remember it can be a rich resource for future researchers.

Lynette Shum
Alexander Turnbull Library
New Zealand

CFP:“Gender and Intimacy Across the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands” A Workshop at UC Santa Barbara

In recent years, scholars from across a variety of disciplinary fields have initiated studies

exploring gender and intimacy across the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Some of the most exciting

and innovating work has begun to examine how notions of gender as well as masculinity and

femininity shape emotional and personal relations with partners, spouses, children, and extended

family members and how those relationships, in turn, impact their experiences with migration,

community formation, and their interactions with the state, among other topics.


Oral history talk and addressing release forms

I will be giving a talk in April for a Jewish genetics and genealogy seminar. I will be discussing how to do a family oral history project and how to help family members open up about memories. Because the focus is on interviewing family members, should I bring up legal issues such as signing a release form? 


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