The Pursuit of Polish Homogeneity following World War II

H-Nationalism is proud to publish here the fourth post of its “Minorities in Contemporary and Historical Perspectives” series, which looks at majority-minority relations from a multi-disciplinary and diachronic angle. Today’s contribution, by John Kulczycki (University of Illinois at Chicago), looks at the efforts of post-WW II Poland to homogenize the population of the so-called Recovered Lands in the west of the country.

July 31, 1492


The Alhambra Decree, issued March 31 by Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon, ordered the expulsion of the Jews from Castile and Aragon, along with their respective territories, stipulating completion by July 31. Failure to comply resulted in death without trial. 

The edict was not formally revoked until December 16, 1968.

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