KONF: Die Figurlosigkeit des Bösen in der populären Kultur des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts / Le mal sans visage dans la culture populaire des XXe et XXIe siècles, Luxembourg (24.-25.10.2019)

Konf. "Die Figurlosigkeit des Bösen in der populären Kultur des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts /Le mal sans visage dans la culture populaire des XXe et XXIe siècles"

Université du Luxembourg, Belval Campus, 24.-25. Oktober 2019

Maison des Sciences Humaines, Black Box


24. Oktober (Black Box)

09:00 Begrüßung und Einleitung / Accueil et introduction

09:30 Raphaël Bourdot (Aix-Marseille): „Typologie de l’absence de visage chez les antagonistes de l’univers Star Wars”

CFP: Die Figurlosigkeit des Bösen in der populären Kultur des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts (01.04.2019)

"You never knew. That was his power". Diese Worte beschreiben die Macht der bösen Protagonisten in der populären Kultur des 20. und des 21. Jahrhunderts. Damit ist ein Nicht- in-Erscheinung-Treten des Bösen als dessen spezifischer Modus des Wirkens klar benannt.

CFP: Edited Volume on Demonology


Interest in ancient Jewish and Christian beliefs about demons has grown significantly in recent decades. Particular consideration has been given to the influence of other cultures (e.g. Zoroastrian traditions), the transmission of traditions across time and between communities (e.g. the myth of rebellious angels), and to the origins of demons and methods for dealing with them (e.g. exorcism rituals, magic, etc.). Less attention has been paid to the nature and characteristics of demonic beings (broadly conceived).

CFP: Between, Behind, and Beyond Good and Evil in Contemporary Cultures (Essay Collection; 01/15/18)

This proposed essay collection, which will be published as the second installment in the Salzburg Institute of Religion, Culture and the Arts’ Symphilologus book series, focuses on theoretical concepts and lived ideals of the good as well as manifestations of evil through the prism of literature, philosophy, art history, theology, ethics, and cultural studies.

CFP: Horror Comes Home (anthology; abstracts 1/15/18)

CFP: Horror Comes Home

The horror genre in film and television is no stranger to images of home. As Carol Clover notes, most horror occurs within a “terrible place,” often a space that, in fact, represents home, transforming it from a refuge to a prison or a supernatural battleground.

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