Event: Paris Business History Conference (14-16 June)

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the steering committee, I am pleased to inform you that the program of the Paris Business History Conference is now available: https://businesshist23.sciencesconf.org/data/pages/Programme_CIHE_20230520.pdf

We are expecting about 230 participants, who will be able to present their papers at ESCP and CNAM premisses during 53 sessions.

Jun 1 - Empire's Echo - Art Exhibit Opening Reception

Anne Bobroff-Hajal & Craig Campbell use art to explore legacies of conquest, resistance, & endurance in the context of the Russian Empire.


Visitors are invited to dialogue with the history of Russia, whose “great and terrible projects” over centuries can also help us understand Putin’s invasion of Ukraine today. This exhibition sets the quiet resonance of day-to-day life on the periphery of the Russian Empire against the fevered aristocratic competition at its autocratic Moscow center.

Event: Find #BHC2024 panelists with the BHC's session organizer tool

2024 BHC Annual Meeting

Thinking of organizing a panel for the 2024 BHC Annual Meeting? The session organizer tool [https://thebhc.org/session-organizer] is open for everyone to submit their information and reach out. We encourage potential organizers to familiarize themselves with the "Meeting Roadmap," which outlines the general policies and guidelines for BHC meetings.

Northward Bound by Any Means Necessary: The Story of Twenty-Eight Freedom-Seekers’ Journey from Slavery to Freedom, April 1853

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April 14, 2023

The Ubiquitous Muslim by Professor Aaron Hughes

Join us for the 1st lecture of the AKU-ISMC Guest Professor Programme in which Professor Aaron Hughes will address a pressing issue facing modern liberal democracies, imagined as particularly acute in the aftermath of 9/11: when and how to accommodate religious minorities. The latter are often subsumed under the rather problematic and open-ended rubric “Muslims.” This has resulted in numerous political and legal attempts to confront, categorise, and ultimately control internal Muslim communities, just as it has been used to keep external ones at bay.

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