Revisionist History: A Podcast By Malcolm Gladwell - A Review

Douglas Priest Blog Post

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Malcolm Gladwell’s newest project, the podcast Revisionist History, follows the author’s well-known formula of weaving narratives and anecdotes toward an easily digestible takeaway. The podcast’s first season is composed of ten episodes that were released weekly throughout the summer of 2016. Each of the approximately forty-minute episodes is available at  The podcast meanders from topic to topic, touching subjects as far-ranging as the Vietnam War

More Perfect: Podcasts, Pop History, and Historical Thinking

Heather Bennett Blog Post
Radiolab Presents More Perfect

There are two things I love about Radiolab Presents: More Perfect, the six-episode Radiolab spinoff produced by WNYC and co-hosted by Jad Abumrad. The first is this song - a quirky, catchy, mnemonic device for remembering the names of the eight current Supreme Court justices (plus nominee Merrick Garland):

The second is the way More Perfect communicates historical themes. The series’ hosts explore the cases that arguably made the Supreme Court the political powerhouse it is today and, in doing so, they unravel stories that address change over time, the complexity