Re: How an 1843 Will Shaped the Lives of Two Civil War Spies

Dear Dave,

Your thoughts about "scripted performance" underscore the question of how white Southerners (particularly elites) conceived of "public selves" in the period leading up to and then during the war. I think you've given me a topic for a future post: the pro-Union underground in Richmond depended for its success on how both black and white Southerners could deploy their expected "public selves" in ways that undermined the Confederacy.

Re: Documenting the Life of an Elusive African American Civil War Spy

Dear Lois, 

Thank you for this great post and for sharing your fascinating work. A few works that might be helpful to consult are as follows... just in case you're looking for suggestions.   

Erskine Clarke's By the Rivers of Water focuses mostly on the missionaries careers of two white southerners, the Wilsons, but may provide some useful context for southern whites who encouraged emigration to Liberia and the missions there. 

Documenting the Life of an Elusive African American Civil War Spy

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To begin H-CivWar's new author's blog, in which contributors will document our triumphs and tribulations as we work on our current book projects, public humanities scholar Dr. Lois Leveen introduces us to her work documenting the life of the elusive African America Civil War spy most often (erroneously) referred to as Mary Bowser.

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