Somatic Podcast - The Olympics in Putin's Russia

Russia's hosting of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was a key part of the nation's growing domestic and international political presence under the leadership of Vladimir Putin. Alongside military, political, and covert actions, the Sochi games served as a public-facing form of ‘soft power’ for Russia. Putin and the Russian state used the games as a cultural platform to assert to the world and his own people the might of a new Russia, Putin's Russia.

Filibustering Museology: Mónica Risnicoff de Gorgas - Museologist and ICOFOM Board Member

Mónica Risnicoff de Gorgas is a museum specialist, Board Member for the International Committee for Museology, and an instructor at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. In this episode, Rob Denning and Susie Chung talk to Mónica about her career in a variety of museums in Latin America and important new trends in museology, including an increasing emphasis on diversity.

Filibustering History podcast: Episode 31: Bruno Brulon Soares - Professor of Museology, Universidade Federal do Estado de Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Bruno Brulon Soares is a Professor of Museology at Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and is Vice President of the International Committee for Museology (ICOFOM).


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