New Podcast: Consolation Prize

The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University is pleased to announce Season 1 of a new podcast, Consolation Prize, about consuls and their world. This narrative podcast will investigate American consuls in the nineteenth century. There will be mayhem! romance! intrigue! exotic animals! and much more, when we explore how consuls interacted with Americans who traveled the world. We'll also tackle questions of identity, race, diplomacy, and politics, as we situate these consuls in their larger context.

Somatic Podcast - Ep 15 - The History and Politics of Yoga w/ Dr. Andrea Jain

In this new episode of Somatic Podcast, we begin a two part mini-series on the history and politics of modern postural yoga. In this part one, we play an interview with Dr. Andrea Jain, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, and editor of the Journal of the American Academy of Religion. This episode coincides with the release of Dr. Jain’s new book Peace, Love, Yoga: The Politics of Global Spirituality (Oxford University Press). In our discussion, Dr.

Breaking History Podcast: Conversations with Dr. Cameron Blevins and Dr. Laura Frader

The Northeastern University History Graduate Student Association has published two new episodes of the Breaking History podcast: conversations with professors Cameron Blevins and Laura Frader. Enjoy! - Adam Tomasi, second-year PhD student in history at Northeastern, podcast director

New Books in Literary Studies podcast: THE METAMORPHOSES of MYTH in FICTION since 1960, by Kathryn Hume

Why do contemporary writers use myths from ancient Greece and Rome, Pharaonic Egypt, the Viking north, Africa’s west coast, and Hebrew and Christian traditions? What do these stories from premodern cultures have to offer us?

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