The Art of the Review - Holiday Hiatus


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Dear listeners,

The Art of the Review is going on a brief hiatus. We'll be back in January with all new episodes and conversations about

Somatic Podcast - Running and Gender Politics

The cultural practice of running as exercise has become ubiquitous, culturally meaningful within modern capitalist societies, with the omnipresence of mediated images, symbols and representations testifying to its cultural significance.  It is a complex, contentious practice, as class, race, gender, sexuality, space intimately shape one’s everyday running experiences.  It is importantly a gendered practice, with sexualization and street harassment continuing to be a problem for too many female runners.

The Art of the Review - Episode 11 Obituary as Review


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This episode is about the scholarly obituary and presents two different approaches to the enterprise of reviewing a scholar's life. Tasked with "reviewing" the life of historian and his own mentor, Dr. Raymond A. Mohl, Robert interviews H-War editor David Silbey about his review of distinguished military historian John Keegan. Robert and Yelena then talk about some considerations, like what to include and the issue of objectivity. Links to the obituaries and interviews discussed are below.

The Art of the Review - Episode 13 The Short Review


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In this episode, Yelena and Robert discuss the benefits and drawbacks of writing short reviews. Yelena mentions The New Yorker's regular Briefly Noted reviews, which prove without a doubt that writing skill matters in the short review.

The Art of the Review - Episode 14 Peer Review & the Digital Humanities


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In this episode, we return to the topic of peer review, this time discussing the peer review process for editing and publishing scholarly editions. Robert interviews Mark Kamrath, a Professor of English at the University of Central Florida.

The Art of the Review - Episode 1 Welcome


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In this very first episode of The Art of the Review, listeners meet Robert Cassanello, Associate Professor of History at University of Central Florida and H-Net’s Vice President of Research & Publications; Yelena Kalinsky, Managing Editor of H-Net Reviews and H-Net’s Associate Director for Reviews; and H-Net copyeditors Basia Nowak and Charlotte Weber.


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