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Rachel Norton Blog Post


Hello H-Net Kentucky friends! 

My name is Rachel Norton and I currently working at the Mountain Association of Community and Economic Development (MACED). I am a part of a program called How$mart where I perform home energy evaluations for low to moderate income families all over eastern Kentucky. We are able to provide on-bill financing through rural electric cooperatives in order to complete energy efficiency retrofits on their homes which saves them money and improves their quality of life. 

I also started my own home energy evaluating business called "Rachel Saves the World" here in

Kentucky in the News: Energy Resources

Kentucky Geographic Alliance Blog Post

Coal is a major resource in Kentucky and has been used for over 250 years.  Coal mining production (see map above) has decreased in parts of both the eastern and western coal fields of Kentucky over the past year. Of the counties that decreased, Harlan County saw the largest change in tonnage produced, a decrease of 2,443,634 tons, while Elliot County saw the largest percentage increase of 1,837% from 2012 (Kentucky Coal Facts).  This geographic issue highlights economic, historic, political, environmental, and cultural variability over space and time.

See the map of Kentucky Coal Production in