Workshop on "Silence" (at Tohoku University)

Dear list members,

The Tohoku University Global Japanese Studies Initiative would like to invite you to a discussion about the historical role of Endo Shusaku's "Silence" in the construction of the image of Christianity in contemporary Japan.

沈黙を破る――現代日本におけるキリスト教の表象 〔Breaking Silence: Representations of Christianity in Contemporary Japan〕

Alexandra Curvelo (Nova University of Lisbon)
Silvio Vita (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)
Hayashi Makoto (Aichi Gakuin University)

Re: Silence (沈黙): The Cannon and the Cross

I have not seen the film Silence yet, as it was not in the theaters long, but I have read, and taught the novel to undergraduates, a few times. That said I write as a historian and not as a literature professor.

In any case Endo is not naïve about Western missionaries. Nor, at least according to interviews with Scorsese that I have read, was the director remotely interested in making a nostalgia film regarding Christian efforts to convert the Japanese.


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