Re: Registered Letters in British Empire

Hi Tamar,

A good starting point would be to find the published version of the Sir Daniel Cooper Lecture, given at the Royal Philatelic Society London on March 24, 2011, titled "Great Britain: Secured Delivery Leading to the Introduction of Registered Mail, 1450-1862." Inland (domestic) registration started in 1841. Registered mail to the continent appears to have started earlier, and to different parts of the world (and the Empire) at different (later) times.

Registered Letters in British Empire

Hello all,

I was wondering if any of you know when the option to register a letter was first introduced beyond the United Kingdom. I am particularily interested in the option to register letters to British Empire locations in the 19th century. Thoughts on the subject, as well as references to relevant publications, would be welcome!

Thank you,

Tamar Rozett, PhD candidate


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