Trump Administration considers open access order (comment)


Writing on February 10, 2020 in Slate magazine, Mark Neff  argues in an article entitled, "Trump Might Do Something Genuinely Good for Science: It has to do with the outrageous academic publishing market"  that the Trump administration's plan to require that all government-funded research be available through open access is a good idea.  His article includes a summary of the state of the open access debate.  Below is an excerpt and link::

Carnegie Mellon signs read and publish agreement with Elsevir (comment)


According to an article from the Inside Higher Ed blog Carnegie Mellon University has reached an agreement with Elsevier for a contract combining subscriptions and open access publishing charges. This is the same kind of deal as the one that eluded California universities this summer.  Elsevir is treating the much smaller publication program of CMU as a pilot.  An excerpt and link are below.

Why the University of California broke off negotiations with Elsevier (comment)


The Scholarly Kitchen blog has an interview with Jeff MacKie-Mason, University Librarian and Professor of Information and Economics at the University of California at Berkeley concerning the recent decision of the University of California library system to break off its relationship with Elsevier and stop subscribing to Elsevier journals.  You can read the interview here:

Universities in Holland and England conclude open-access publishing agreements

Below is a link to and excerpt from an article in The Scientist concerning Dutch negotiations with Wiley, Sage and Springer for a "publish and read" model for Open Access that combines access for Dutch authors to paywalled articles and Open Access publication of articles by Dutch authors into a single fee.  Springer has also concluded similar agreements with Sweden, Austria and the UK and is in the process of negotiating an agreement with German universities.

Sweden pulls out of Elsevier contract over lack of open access


Below is a collection of news articles concerning the breakdowns in discussions with Elsevier and Springer over open access and database contract fees that have recently occurred in three European countries. 

"French Universities Cancel Subscriptions to Springer Journals: Negotiations between the publisher and a national consortium of academic institutions have reached a stalemate."

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