Niedermeier, Lynn E. Eliza Calvert Hall: Kentucky Author and Suffragist. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2007.

Author: Lynn E. Niedermeier     

Title: Eliza Calvert Hall: Kentucky Author and Suffragist            

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

Date of Publication: 2007

In Their Own Words

KY Woman Suffrage

            Hi there everyone! It’s Thursday once again, and you know what that means, another update from us here at the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project. This week has been an exciting and busy one as we continue to work on our portal and database, which will be rolling out to all of you guys very soon! Even with all those new developments, research hasn’t stopped, so I’ll give you an update on that. This week I set out to find out more about the writing of suffragists themselves.

Eliza Calvert Obenchain ("Eliza Calvert Hall"), Kentucky Suffragist

She was born Eliza Calvert in Bowling Green, Kentucky on February 11, 1856 and was known to all as “Lida.”  Her mother, Margaret Younglove, was a native of Johnstown, New York and her father, Thomas Chalmers Calvert, was born in Giles County, Tennessee.  Thomas was the son of a Presbyterian minister, Samuel Wilson Calvert, and his wife Eliza Caroline Hall Calvert.  It was her grandmother’s name, Hall, that Lida would use as her pen name.

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