H-Sport Team: Thanks Tanya Lovejoy, Welcome Tom Fabian

The H-Sport Team would like to thank Tanya Lovejoy for her long service as an H-Sport Editor.  Tanya joined the H-Sport team in 2011 and served as an editor for for seven years, including as the lead for the H-Sport Teaching Initiative project. H-Sport greatly appreciates all of the work that she has contributed to the development of H-Sport.

From the Web: Elements of Indigenous Style

Book Channel readers following developments in editing will be interested in a new interview from the CBC with editor Gregory Younging, whose Elements of Indigenous Style came out last month. In addition to addressing the challenges facing Indigenous authors, Younging discusses issues of editorial style and preserving the author's voice. 

BUIOH seeking input for next update to transcription style guide

In the 1970s, the Baylor University Institute for Oral History (BUIOH) drafted the first version of its transcription style guide, and for nearly two decades BUIOH has offered it online as a free resource. The BUIOH Style Guide is based on The Chicago Manual of Style and includes guidelines for how to approach common editing questions that come up in oral history transcription.


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