EDITED VOLUME TOC: The Believer and the Modern Study of the Bible

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Believer and the Modern Study of the Bible, edited by Tova Ganzel, Yehudah Brandes, and Chayuta Deutsch.

March 2019 | 582 pp.
9781618119513 | $90.00 | Hardcover

Summary: The essays in this volume address the conundrum of how Jewish believers in the divine character of the Sinaitic revelation confront the essential questions raised by academic biblical studies.  

CFP: Urban Netherworlds: Noir and Neo-Noir NY and LA in Film (Abstracts 5/15/16)

Call for Contributors 

Urban Netherworlds: Noir and Neo-Noir New York and Los Angeles in Film (under contract)

Film noir is one of the most intensely studied cinematic genres, yet Mark Shiel remarks that while numerous studies have helped define the genre in thematic, stylistic, and technical terms, “they have engaged very little with the local geography of film noirs, whether set in Los Angeles, New York, or other cities.” Yet it is hard to think of another genre where the identity of a particular city or neighborhood or even street carries equal diegetic weight.


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