Early American Seminars at Ohio State, 2017-2018

This year the Ohio Seminar will be offering seminars in its traditional format, and in association with the Modern American Program and the Center for Historical Research Program in “Revolutions.”   We welcome all faculty and students with an interest in early American studies, and also in the broader interest in wider comparative topics that this working group is developing.   Graduate students in Early American History are strongly urged to attend.


Joint Early and Modern American Seminar:

Sept. 1: Staunton Lynd, Attorney, Independent Scholar

Fellowship: Early American History, Earhart Foundation

Title: Fellowship in Early American History
    Location: Michigan
    Date: 2015-01-01
    Description: Earhart Foundation Fellowships on American History
       Earhart Foundation Fellowships offer a monthly stipend of
       $4,000 for one to five months residence for scholarly research
       on any aspect of American history prior to 1900, with an
       expectation of a residence of two months or more at the William
       L. Clem ...
    Contact: briand@umich.edu


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