CFP for Panel on Food and Drink at Himalayan Studies Conference at CU Boulder, September 1-7, 2017

With apologies for cross posting.

Please see below for a call for papers a colleague and I are organizing for the Himalayan Studies conference next summer in Boulder.

Call for Papers

Himalayan Studies Conference

September 1-4, 2017

University of Colorado Boulder



Brendan A. Galipeau, University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa

Bo Wang, University of Wisconsin Madison


CFP Food Issue of European Journal of American Culture

The Joy and Sorrow of Food: An American Story

Food sustains life. We eat to satisfy hunger, but hunger often reaches beyond the physical realm to emotional, ethnic, and cultural dimensions. Not only do we eat to fuel our bodies, we eat to celebrate, entertain, and to fill voids in our lives. We eat to comfort, to occupy time, and to experience variety. Since food is fundamental to all forms of life, it is a compelling, central point for investigations of issues ranging from privilege, identity, ritual, tradition, memory, and the body across time and place.


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