NEW BOOK: Ḍān Kvikṣoṭaḥ (Don Quixote in Sanskrit)

Dear H-Cervantes members, it is my great pleasure to announce the recent publication of the following partial Sanskrit translation of Cervantes's classic: डान् क्विक्षोटः Don Quixote (Chapters I.2, I.3, I.8, I.10, I.16, I.17, I.18 & I.23) By Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Translated from English into Sanskrit by Jagaddhar Zadoo & Nityanand Shastri Introduced and edited by Dragomir Dimitrov With a reprint of the English translation by Charles Jarvis and An audio recording of the Sanskrit text by Shrikant Bahulkar Pune 2019 Pune Indological Series, vol. III Hardcover, cx, 292 pp.


Dr. Amy Williamsem (1959- 2019) was a beloved and respected scholar, colleague, mentor, and teacher.

Over the course of her exemplary career of teaching, research and service she has left an indelible legacy

and enriched the careers and lives of those fortunate enough to have worked with her, from the

communities at the University of Arizona (while a professor there for 22 years) and the University of

North Carolina-Greensboro (where she was both professor and department chair for 9 years), to the many

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