ZS: figurationen (2015), H. 2

figurationen (2015), H. 2

Thema: Zerstreuung/Distraction



Barbara Naumann: Editorial

Paul North: Introduction

Petra Löffler: Zerstreuung. Techniken der Verteilung

Martin Doll: Architektur und Zerstreuung. Gebrauch, Gewohnheit und beiläufiges Bemerken

Sebastian Vehlken: Zum Lachen in den Keller. Die Heimbar als Heterotopie

Hans-Christian von Herrmann: Totale Bibliothek und Schreibmaschine. Zum Begriff der Streuung in Foucaults Diskursanalyse

CFP: Focus in Distraction, UC-Berkeley (extended deadline: Dec. 20, 2015)

With apologies for cross-posting - we are pleased to announce an extended deadline for submissions (now Dec. 20, 2015) and confirmation that Prof. Petra Löffler, a media and film theorists who is among the leading researchers on distraction, will be joining our conference as guest speaker. 


Call for Papers

submissions due December 20, 2015



Focus in Distraction

CFP: "Focus in Distraction" a German Graduate Conference on Distraction


submissions due December 15, 2015


Focus in Distraction

University of California, Berkeley

February 26–28, 2016

Reading, in an age of digital distractions and mobile devices, is abbreviated and interrupted. In

an era that valorizes attention, coherence, focus, and flow, it is more relevant than ever to consider

how and why texts emulate, challenge, and are modified by distracted modes of perception.

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