CFP: ASFS 2021 Panel on Culinary Tourism

Hi everyone,

I'm organizing a panel on culinary tourism for ASFS/AFHVS/CAFS/SAFN 2021. You'll find below my tentative title and abstract. If it resonates with your own work, feel free to reach out to and let's get a panel together! 




Constructing Cosmopolitan Cruises: Megaships and the Emergence of Culturally Immersive Dining in the 1990s

Re: New Steward Needed for the Food Timeline

Thank you, Deborah! Yes, we are delighted about this new partnership and welcome everyone to follow the work of our new food studies program, to learn more about our projects and the future of the Food Timeline.

Check out our website:

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And be in touch with questions or ideas for collaboration!

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