US in the World Authors in Conversation: Santelli and Shoemaker

"National Imaginaries and Identities in the Global 19th Century"

Join the US in the World Series of Cornell University Press for an Authors in Conversation event featuring a discussion of The Greek Fire: American-Ottoman Relations and Democratic Fervor in the Age of Revolutions, by Maureen Santelli, and Pursuing Respect in the Cannibal Isles: Americans in Nineteenth-Century Fiji, by Nancy Shoemaker. Santelli and Shoemaker will be joined by Judy Tzu-Chun Wu.

Friday, March 12 at 12pm EST/9am PST

FEATURED JOB: Lecturer in Discipline (Fellow in Global Thought)/Senior Lecturer in Discipline (Senior Fellow in Global Thought), Columbia University, Committee on Global Thought

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