Wang Jingwei and Lin Baisheng Photograph Collection

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The Wang Jingwei and Lin Baisheng Photograph collection, held at Stanford University's East Asia Library, includes around 200 photographs which once belonged to Lin Baisheng, the Minister of Publicity under the 'collaborationist' regime of Wang Jingwei (which ruled over large sections of Japanese-occupied China in the 1940-1945 period).

Digital Resource: An Introduction to Islamic Manuscript Culture

Dear H-MEM,

Please allow me to draw your attention to the online videos and slides issuing from the "Introduction to Islamic Manuscript Culture" held at UCLA last May, for which the primary instructor was the estimable Evyn Kropf, of the University of Michigan. The materials can be accessed here: . In principle, these resources could be used as a crash-course overview of Near Eastern (primarily Arabic, Persian, and Turkish) manuscript culture.


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